Junior Docents


Do you love history and wonder about what happens behind the scenes at museums?  Are you interested in joining our team of Junior Docents?  Junior Docents are volunteers between the ages of 10-15.  The Junior Docent Program is a year-long program, that runs January-December. Contact [email protected] for any questions.

Congratulations to our 2019 Junior Docents

Abby, Andrew, Anna L, Anna M, Asa, Charlotte, Della, Eleanor, Elsie, Emma Grace, Enoch, Gretchen, Josephine, Kristine, Kylie, Levi, Lily, Mary, Mary Clare, Morgan, Naomi, Simon, Virginia, and Wilson!


Spotlight:  Junior Docent Projects

One element of the Junior Docent program are S.M.A.R.T. projects.  These projects, which Smash Museums And Research Together, give Docents the opportunity to do real public history work, by researching a historical topic and presenting the information in a fun and engaging way.  Check out some of the amazing work our Junior Docents have completed this year!

Calendar of Events 2019
November 25-30: Site Closed to Junior Docents
December 14: End of Year Social, 4:00 PM-7:00 PM

Volunteer Hours Sign-Up Forms


Forms for each week open on the 1st of prior month, but CLOSE the Friday before the week begins at 5.30 pm.


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