Homeschool History Club

All Grades | 3 Hours

Pre-K through 12th Grade

See why history ROCKS!


  • Join the Home School History Club and see for yourself why History ROCKS at Belle Meade Plantation. In this monthly program, the Club will explore and experience different aspects of American history through interactive games and activities, projects, lessons and so much more!
  • Limited spaces are still available.  To inquire about openings, please email [email protected]  After Friday, July 27, all enrollment must be handled over the phone, with a $15 late registration fee assessed in addition to enrollment costs.

History Club

Membership Details

Membership Dues for 2018-2019 are $120.  Dues can be paid in full, by semester, or monthly.

Choose from three meeting days:  1st Monday, 1st Tuesday, or 1st Wednesday of the month!  Club members are dropped off at 10.00 am and picked up at 1.00 pm.

The Club is divided by grade level:  Pre-K, Kindergarten-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-6th Grade, and 7th-12th Grade.  Each club division is limited to 25 students per day.

Member Benefits:  exclusive members-only backpack, subscription to the monthly activity newsletter, and invitation to the Annual Family Picnic (held in late July).


  • Chevron down Can I stay with my child(ren)?
  • No, we do not allow parents to stay with their children.  This program is not a field trip; our staff work very hard to craft engaging and age-appropriate lessons and activities for your children.  Allowing parents to stay, even for a few minutes is very distracting for all the children.  Secondly, all adults working with History Club are employed by Belle Meade and have background checks on file.  For the safety of the minors on our site, we do not allow any other adults to remain with History Club.  However, we do understand that a new environment may be a little nerve-wracking for some students.  If your student(s) are uneasy about attending their first History Club, you may pull through the regular drop-off line, park and walk your student(s) in.  Parents may only stay with their student(s) on the first History Club meeting until Drop-Off is over.  Once the club programming begins, parents are not allowed to stay.  We ask that beginning in the second month of attendance, parents do not park, but stay in the car line, in order to minimize distraction.

  • Chevron down What should my child(ren) bring with them?
  • Club Members should always dress for fun!  Closed toes shoes are recommended.  Students need to bring a lunch and a drink from home.  We always encourage students to dress for the weather.  We stay under cover during inclement weather, but occasionally we do have to walk outside to access bathrooms and other buildings.

  • Chevron down When does History Club meet?
  • There are 3 Club Dates to choose from:  1st Monday, 1st Tuesday, or 1st Wednesday of each month.  You enroll in the day of your choice.  A full calendar will be emailed to all registered families with the Welcome Letter.  (Note, January 2019’s dates are delayed 1 week, due to the New Year’s Holiday.)

  • Chevron down What if I can’t be at every meeting?
  • If you have to miss a meeting, we will email you the copy of that month’s newsletter.  Some clubs earn prizes or points for turning in completed newsletters; if you are absent, you can always bring in all your newsletters to get caught up when you return.  Remember, your enrollment dues are not attendance fees; if you are paying monthly, you will still be charged, regardless of attendance, since the monthly payment is part of your club dues.

  • Chevron down How do I pay?
  • When you register, you will have the choice to pay for one month, or to pay for the semester in full.  If you choose to pay monthly, your card will be charged on your Club Meeting day, February – May.

  • Chevron down Why is there a fee?
  • When you register and pay online, there is a small fee.  This fee does not come to the museum; it is collected by the third-party company that runs our reservation system.  This company does not charge the museum anything and maintains their operating costs through small fees on online transactions.  Note, the fee is only charged when you pay online.  If you pay in full ($60) for the semester, the fee will be $3.  If you pay monthly ($12), the fee will be $1.  If you pay monthly, the fee will only be charged on the first month – subsequent month’s payments will not incur additional fees.

  • Chevron down What if I have more questions?
  • If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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