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A great way to meet other homeschooling families!


Homeschool Days are a great way to meet other homeschooling families from Middle Tennessee and on these special dates there is no minimum number required to book your tour!

Participation in each Homeschool Day is $10 per student. Each family receives one free Parent-Educator admission. Additional Adults are $15 per person. Younger (non-participating) siblings are welcome to observe at no cost. All tickets must be purchased online and are non-refundable and not transferable. You will receive your ticket by email. Picnic Areas are available. For more information email [email protected]

2019-2020 Program Series:  

Art and Music in American History

Join us for a 5-part series exploring the unique sights and sounds of American art and music!  Each program will focus on a particular era of American history, diving into the visual arts, performance arts, and music of the time.  Get hands-on with history while you create art of your own and honor some of America’s most famous, infamous, and innovative artists!

All programs are 10.00am – 12.00pm.

Program Dates

Find out what were the early settlers in Tennessee listening to in the evenings.  Discover how function met beauty in the folk art of the time and explore how class and race affected entertainment in the early years of America.
Hear more about how class and status impacted the music and entertainment of the Antebellum years.  Discover the morale-boosting effect of music on Civil War soldiers and their families left behind on the home front.
Explore how art and creativity helped our country piece itself back together after the Civil War, even as racial and class divides continued to widen.  Discover how Americans followed early celebrities, like Jenny Lind, in the days before electricity.  Enjoy parlor music in the mansion and find out more about the role of art during the Tennessee Centennial at our annual Christmas exhibit.  (This is the only Homeschool Day program to go into the mansion.)
After Emancipation, but in the heart of the Jim Crow era, what did music and art look like in African American communities?  Discover more about one of the most creative and successful art movements in American history, its roots in the era of slavery and the legacy of Harlem Renaissance artists on music today.
Explore the ways that music and art were used as propaganda, support, and escape during the long, intense years of World War II.  Find out more about the creative release that occurs when victory is secured.  Come ready for a sock hop to celebrate all of the artists of American history!
TIP:  It’s easy to register for all of the programs at once!  Simply add one program to your cart, then use the Blue Book Button to book another Homeschool Day.  Scroll through the calendar to find all the Homeschool Day availabilities!