Belle Meade Plantation’s Victorian Society

Looking for a great mix of fun and history?  Dive into a different time with Belle Meade Plantation’s Victorian Society in 2016!  We’ll meet once a month for various events celebrating the rich history of the Victorian Era. These are ticketed events so everyoneis welcome.  Simply purchase your ticket and join us.

All Victorian Society events have been suspended until the new year but keep an eye out for our exciting 2017 lineup!


Victorian Society 2016 Schedule of Events

Event Schedule

May 28th, 10:00am-“The Greenhouse and Ferneries of the Victorian era”
Victorians Loved the outdoors and bringing the outside in was a big part of Victorian aesthetics.  Botanical Scrap-booking was a favorite pastime of men and women. We will create a small scrapbook to get you started and learn how to make a press. We will scour the grounds to find the perfect specimen to start your new hobby while also making skeleton mourning leaves.

June 25th, 6:00pm- “Game Night: Whist in the Parlor”
Parlor games have long been a part of Victorian Society here at Belle Meade. An evening filled with games music and fellowship. You do not have to be experienced at Whist to join this evening, all players are welcome and we will teach beginners how to play this beloved game.

July 30th, 10:00am- “Franklin Tour & Scavenger Hunt”
It is so easy to overlook the beauty that is all around us. Franklin is filled with Victorian splendor. Our tour will focus on styles and elements of Victorian architecture. Then we will split into teams and be given a scavenger hunt so we can visit the antique stores and find relics form the Victorian Era. What a great excuse to go to an antique store!! Free Parking is available at the 4th Avenue South parking garage.

August 27th, 6:00pm- “Beer in History”
A history of beer in Tennessee the industry and how beer is made.  Taste some local brews and learn about the current industry in Nashville.  (More details to come as the date approaches)

September 24th, 6:00pm- “What the Heck is it for? Victorian Table Service”
Do you ever see something in a shop or in Grandma’s sideboard and wondered. What the Heck do you do with that? Belle Meade Curator, John Lamb will educate us on the perplexities of the Victorian dining room and the Victorian’s obsession with silver. You will be able to get a rare glimpse of items in the Belle Meade collection not normally on display.

October 15th, 10:00am- “Mt. Olivet Cemetery Tour”
Established in 1856, Mt. Olivet serves as the final resting place for many of Tennessee’s political and economic leaders. We’ll see the graves of many former Belle Meade residents and hear the stories of their lives and tragedies of their deaths. We will also briefly discuss some of the symbolism found in Cemeteries. This event will be at 10:00 am and we will all meet at the office parking lot on 1101 Lebanon Pike. Given the size of the Cemetery we will drive up to several stopping points. I don’t want anyone to get lost so we will stick together. This event will start promptly at 10am in the parking lot and will then continue up the hill and into the cemetery.

November 19th, 6:00pm- “The Victorian Pantry” 
As the days get shorter and colder and harvest season winds down. It’s now time to make sure we have enough food to last through the winter. Before the industrial revolution this was all focused on canning, pickling, and drying food you had been growing all year. However, as more processed food and modern brands began to hit the local stores society began to turn toward mass produced branded items. Many of our favorite brands have been around for years! Join us as we explore the Victorian Pantry!

December 17th, 6:00pm- “Victorian Christmas Party”
 Christmas is a time to come together and enjoy each other’s company. The Party will feature Carols on the Parlor Piano and dancing in the hall!  We will also have the rare opportunity of an inside the mansion photography station.




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