The tactile sensation can be received in the most sensitive tactile points located on finger-tips, lips, a nose tip. The threshold of tactile sensation is minimum force of tactile irritation at which there is a first tactile sensation. For its definition use a special set of hairs (device Freja). With the help эстезиометрии define a spatial threshold of distinction is the minimum distance between two points (receptors) on which two simultaneously enclosed irritant are perceived as separate. So, on a finger-tip, language and a lip it is equal 1 - 3 mm that testifies to high sensitivity of these areas of a body. On less sensitive surfaces of a skin - on a back, shoulders, hips spatial distinction makes 50 100 mm. Little bodies of Goldzhi are in sinews and represent гроздевидные the sensitive terminations. At muscular reduction they test action of a tension and supervise force of muscular reduction or pressure. On рецепторных cages originate and come to an end афферентные and эфферентные nervous fibres. The first нейрон проводникового department are the bipolar cages located in vestibular ганглии. Peripheral shoots of these cages contact with рецепторными cages, and central as a part of a vestibular nerve (VIII steam of craniocereberal nerves) go to vestibular kernels of an oblong brain (the second нейрон). From here impulses arrive to таламическим to kernels (the third нейрон), to a cerebellum, kernels глазодвигательных muscles, to vestibular kernels of the opposite side, to мотонейронам cervical department of a spinal cord, through вестибулоспинальный a path - to мотонейронам muscles-razgibatelej, to ретикулярной formations, гипоталамусу. At the expense of the communications set forth above automatic control равновесиятела (without consciousness participation) is carried out. For the conscious analysis of position of a body in space answer таламокортикальные to projection which come to an end in a back postcentral crinkle of a bark of the big hemispheres of the central department of the vestibular analyzer. Through vestibulo-mozzhechkovo-talamichesky the path in a motor bark кпереди from the central crinkle arrives the information on maintenance of the tonic reactions connected with an estimation of a pose of a body. Amino acids.

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Regular Group Tours

Our Group Tours are exceptional and feature the intimate stories of the various people that created Belle Meade Plantation and its beautiful grounds and architecturally significant buildings. Throughout the 45 minute guided tour of the 1853 Greek-Revival Mansion, a century of Belle Meade Plantation’s history is told through the eyes of the Harding and Jackson Family and the skilled laborers who collectively worked to make the Plantation America’s premier Thoroughbred Horse Farm. After the guided tour of the Mansion, guests will enjoy a complimentary wine tasting.  Following the tasting, guests are encouraged to enjoy the self-guided portion of the tour. We have eight historic buildings on site including a massive 1800′s Carriage House and Stable.

Tour Hours
Please allow two (2) Hour Minimum.
Group Admission Rate
$13.00 per guest
15 count group minimum.

To Schedule a Regular Group Tour:

For reservations, please call our Group Sales Department at 615-356-0501 ext. 135. You may also e-mail us at


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