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Photographer’s Guild
at Belle Meade Plantation

The Photographer’s Guild is a group of amateur photographers that gather together for fellowship, history, and learning.  With events happening monthly from April-December, we offer a photo competition and portfolio sharing for our members. This club is great for any budding photographer.  This group is suitable for ameateur teens, adults, and seniors.  Most events require pre-registration.


$30 for annual membership, $5 for each additional member in your household. Our benefits include:

  • Free entry to the photo contest
  • Display of your photos on our online portfolio/Photographer’s Guild Facebook
  • Eligibility for photo of the month

Exclusive opportunities to take photos at Belle Meade Plantation including the mansion interior. Includes a photo pass to be on the grounds for the calendar year of membership.


What’s Going On

April 28th
Behind the scenes look at Belle Meade Plantation’s photograph collection. 2-3p.m Free for members

May 26th
Workshop on better photography techniques $50?

Photo Opp!  As the Victorian Society celebrates Queen Victoria’s 175th Jubilee at a tea, get a chance to take shoots of the parade of hats.

July 21st
Inside and out photo shoot at Buchannan Log House

August 28th
The carriage collection- shoot the BMP carriage collection at sunset and learn a little more about them in this private after hours event.

September 18th
Fashion shoot in Garden. We will arrange a model, stylist, etc so that PG members can try their hand and camera at a professional fashion shoot.

October 27th
Photo Opp! The Victorian Society will be hosting an 1880’s Masquerade.  PG will be able to take photos from

November 9th
Christmas card  photo opt in the Mansion free for all PG members, $16 for PG guest who’d like to also take photos.  The first floor of the mansion will be open for photographs at this special event. Victorian Style Photo opp will be up for Holiday Shoots.


Photo Contest

Our first Photographer’s Guild photo contest will be open September 1st- October 18th.  Our reception will be held October 23rd  Rules, entry form, and details will be released this summer.

All members get a free entry, any additional or external entries are $10 per entry.

This contest is for amateurs only.


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