Nerd Nights

Join us for a series of fun, after-hours events on the grounds for adults who want to dive into history!

World War I Comes to Belle Meade, April 6 @ 6.00 pm-8.00 pm

On April 6, 1917, America joined what would be called the “Great War.”  Plans for a military training camp located in Nashville, Tennessee began to form and Camp Andrew Jackson was born. The camp brought soldiers and military staff from all over Tennessee to training grounds on the city’s outskirts.

Join us as we remember the centennial of the “Great War.”  Come in your best 1910’s attire and discover the technology and culture of our country from 100 years ago.  Find out what well-known brands found in stores today were sold to home-front families and learn how the war effort encouraged Women’s Suffrage.  Can you do the “Turkey Trot,” the “Grizzly Bear,” or the “Castle Walk?” Bring your dancing shoes and learn the most popular dances for soldiers going off to war and their sweethearts left at home.



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