Junior Docents

2014 Junior Docents…Jessica, Katarina, Phoebe, Erika, Jessie, Kathryn, Nathan, Joel, Hannah W, Ellie, Chloe, Roman, Caleb, Simon, Ryan, Jonah, Simeon, Alexander, Jerod, Bridget, Regina, Eleanor, Ava, Michael, Isaiah, Mary Grace, Catherine, Hannah G, & Kyrie!


Saturday November 15           Workshop: “Take 2 Smelling Salts and Call Me in the Morning: Surviving 19th Century Medicine” (10:00-4:00)

Saturday December 13              Special Event: 150th Battle of Nashville (9:00-5:00)

Saturday December 13           JD Social: End of the Year Party & Awards! (5:00-7:00pm)

Monday December 15             2015 JD’s Announced!


Visit Confirmation-Click Here! (Nov24-Nov 26) Remember you must submit your schedule by 5pm Friday  November 21st. **only 3 days this week due to the holiday.


Team Pages

Team Falsetto, Mrs. Jenny  Team Jack Malone, Ms. Katie Team Bramble, Ms. Rachel Team Longfellow, Mr. Andy Team Enquirer, Mr. Jason



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