Junior Docents

2016 Junior Docents… Michael, Abigail, Eleanor, Regina, Ainsley,  Isaiah, Jonah, Simon, Roman,  Sierra, Bridget, Kyrie, Riley, Abby, Wilson, Jean Louise, Virginia, Lyric, Larsen, Story, Benedict, Tommy, Pippa, Mary, Emily, Jonathan, Libby, Daysia, Isabelle, Taylor, Alisson & Marco. 




Saturday September 17     Special Event:  History Club Picnic ( 10.30-1.30)

Saturday September 24     Workshop:  Pioneers (10.00-4.00)

Saturday September 24     Social Event: Bonfire (5:00-7:00) *supper provided

Visit Confirmation-Email Ms. Rachel to schedule your time.
Remember you must submit your schedule by 5pm Friday in order to receive a code for the following week.


Team Pages

Team Falsetto, Mrs. Rachel 

Team Jack Malone, Ms. Katie

Team Bramble, Ms. Rachel

Team Longfellow, Mr. Andy

Team Enquirer, Mr. Jason  

Team Luke Blackburn, Ms.Sarah 

Team Chestnut Mare, Ms. Hannah

Team Huron, Ms. Mandi



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