lamisil cream uk Both simple, and difficult липидные molecules can be synthesised in an organism, except for nonsaturated линолевой, линоленовой and арахидоновой fat acids which should arrive with food. These irreplaceable acids are a part of molecules фосфолипидов. From арахидоновой acids are formed простагландины, простациклины, тромбоксаны, лейкотриены. Absence or insufficient receipt in an organism of irreplaceable fat acids leads to a growth inhibition, infringement of function of kidneys, skin diseases, barreness. Biological value food липидов is defined by presence in them of irreplaceable fat acids and their comprehensibility. Butter and pork fat are acquired on 93 - 98 %, beef - on 80 - 94 %, sunflower-seed oil - on 86-90 %, margarine - on 94-98 %. bystolic tablets 5 mg The basic membrane consists from эластических fibres. Near to an oval window at the basis of a snail it makes only 0,04 mm, in a direction to top it extends иу геликотремы is equal already 0,5 mm. The basic membrane is poorly tense that creates conditions for oscillative motions depending on influence on it of sound waves of various frequency. The fibres located at the basis of a snail, react as strings-resonators to sounds of high frequency, and at top - on low frequencies.

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