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Belle Meade Plantation’s school programs are open to any student group, including home schools. Any home schooling family, cooperative or association is welcome to book a private tour. Please be aware that we require a 10-paid student minimum for all private tour programs. Individual families or small groups are encouraged to sign up for our Home School Days. Home School Days are a great way to meet other home schooling families from Middle Tennessee and on these special dates there is no minimum number required to book your tour!

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Participation in each Home school Day is $5 per student.  Each family receives one free Parent-Educator admission. Additional Adults are  $11 per person. Younger (non-participating) siblings are welcome to observe at no cost.  Picnic Areas are Available. For more information or to book today call 615-356-0501 ext.31 or email education@bellemeadeplantation.com


2013-2014 Program Details & Dates



Tuesday December 10, 2013 (10:30 am)
A Century of Christmas: 1853-1953
You are cordially invited to join the festive Holiday activities and experience Christmas decade by decade.  Learn about Victorian holiday traditions and discover 19th century holiday technology, from toys and games to the development of new electric Christmas tree lights, as you tour the lavishly decorated mansion. Decorate an ornament for the tree to take home and remember your special day at Belle Meade Plantation.

Wednesday February 19, 2014 (1:30 pm)
Plantation Parlor Games & Pastimes
Bust the winter blues the Victorian way!  Join us for a morning of hands-on fun and learning as we explore family pastimes from the Plantation era!  Discover the history of puppetry and design your own finger puppet theater.  Experience historic parlor activities as you learn to dance the Virginia Reel, participate in a Magic Lantern show and become part of a tableaux vivant (“living picture”)!

Wednesday April 30, 2014 (10:30 am)
Ready, Aim, Fire!
Experience the Civil War, from Learning Tactics to Treating Wounds! This will be a memorable experience for your student to experience and understand the life of a Civil War Soldier. Learn what a soldier carried with him, how he trained, what types of weapons were fired, and how the injured would be treated when wounded in battle. This is one day of hands on history that you don’t want to miss!






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