Interaction of analyzers is provided with all levels of the central nervous system, since a spinal cord, ретикулярной formations and coming to an end таламокортикальными. On корковом level this communication is realised at the expense of associative and motor zones of a bark of the big hemispheres. Piramidnye cages of the last collect the acoustical, visual and tactile information. It lies, for example, at the heart of training deaf or blind to reading on visual, or tactile, to sensations. Всасывание липидов it is regulated by the central nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system strengthens, and the sympathetic nervous system brakes всасываниелипидов. Stimulate всасывание hormones of a bark of adrenal glands, a hypophysis and a thyroid gland, and also APUD-system hormones - секретин and HTSK-PZ. Конвекция - теплоотдача, carried out by heat carrying over by moving particles of air (water). Konvektsionnyj heat exchange, unlike теплопроведения, is connected with an exchange not only energy, but also molecules. It occurs because round all subjects there is air or liquid interface which thickness depends on surrounding conditions. When the body is surrounded by motionless air, warm air which, passing in air departs from a skin, transfers both energy, and molecules. Such process is called as free конвекцией. If air moves, the thickness of an interface depends on speed of movement of air. The interface equal at motionless air to several millimetres, at a wind can decrease to several microns. Heat exchange of this kind substantially depends on speed of movement of air and is called as compulsory конвекцией.

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My Darling Wife…

On February 11, 2015 By

On his thirty- third birthday in 1868, General William Hicks Jackson proposed marriage to Selene Harding, granddaughter of the founder of Belle Meade farm. The General had his eye on her for quite some time but, he was not part of Nashville’s social circle and Selene had the attentions of many eligible young fellows. It Click Here

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The Family Vault

On October 10, 2014 By

In the spring of 1837, Mary Selena McNairy Harding gave birth to her fifth child named William Giles Harding Jr in honor of his father. She had suffered with the births of all five of her children and her health seemed to worsen as the years past. Mary Selena died shortly after little William was Click Here

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The old Belle Meade depot

On September 30, 2014 By

Following the Civil war, General William Giles Harding had a small two-room wood framed train station built across Harding Pike from the gates to the Belle Meade Mansion. General Harding had been a proponent of the building of the railroad through Nashville since the war’s end. He believed, like many of his contemporaries, that it Click Here

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In the early 1890s, General William Hicks Jackson made several trips from his Belle Meade farm to New York City. Every spring, several Belle Meade yearlings were sent by train to New York to be sold. General Jackson and his grooms often accompanied the shipment. It was on one of these trips that Jackson Click Here

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100 Years of Christmas

On October 31, 2013 By

As the staff at Belle Meade Plantation packs up Christmas decorations every January, we begin thinking about the next year’s Christmas exhibit. This year we chose to do something very different from the past few years. We decided instead of focusing our Christmas exhibit on one holiday celebration in the history of Belle Meade that Click Here

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On May 14, 2012 By

In the late 1970s, a descendant of the Jackson family presented Belle Meade with carved antique gourd that was believed to have been presented to the Jackson family by a Belle Meade employee in the 1890s. The gourd was carved with images of the famed racehorse, Iroquois, several farm animals, and a heart containing the Click Here

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