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Birthday Parties


Fishing at the Creek

Experience frontier life at the 1807, fish with a cane pole at the creek, and play frontier games.
$25.00 per child
Minimum of 15 children

Tea Party

Learn tea party etiquette and language of the fan. Dress in hats and gloves, tour the Victorian mansion and take tea on the porch!
$25.00 per child
Minimum of 15 children

Pony Party

Take a tour through the mansion, play pony games, make a pony craft to take home, and groom a pony.
(pony ride not included)
$25.00 per child
Minimum of 15 children

Civil War Soldier Party

Tour the Mansion, discover what a soldier carried into battle, see a musket fired, join the ranks, and wear a kepi as you are put through a military drill with a wooden musket.
$25.00 per child
Minimum of 15 children

Gift Bags
All gift bags include a heat change mood pencil, a BMP postcard, a toy and candy item related to your party. Gift bags are an additional $5.00 per guest.


For more information or to book your party:

call 615-356-0501 ext. 31 or email



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