pletal For maintenance of the adaptation and adequate behaviour are necessary not only ability to development of new conditioned reflexes and their long preservation, but also possibility to elimination of those conditioned-reflex reactions necessity in which is absent. Disappearance of conditioned reflexes is provided with braking processes. On I. P.Pavlovu, distinguish following forms коркового braking: unconditional, conditional and other-wordly braking. Реабсорбция weak acids and the bases depends on they are in what form - in ionised or not ionised. The weak bases and acids in the ionised condition not реабсорбируются also are deduced with urine. Degree of ionisation of the bases increases in the sour environment, therefore they with greater speed экскретируются with sour urine, weak acids, on the contrary, are fast deduced with alkaline urine. It is of great importance, as many medicinal substances are the weak bases or weak acids. Therefore at a poisoning ацетилсалициловой acid or phenobarbital (weak acids) it is necessary to enter alkaline solutions (NaHCО3) to translate these acids in the ionised condition, thereby promoting their fast deducing from an organism. For fast экскреции weak основанийнеобходимо to enter into blood sour products for закисления urine. Borbalan

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